Custom Wristbands

Custom wristbands are available in many styles, options, sizes and colours… Choosing the right wristband for your event is as important as what to print on them.

Custom wristbands styles are:

  • Tyvek wristbands – waterproof paper, generally one colour print – for one-time use
  • Vinyl wristbands – writable, tamper-proof and easy tough – great for long term use
  • Silicon wristbands – highly customisable, many colours and options – ideal promo item
  • Digital wristbands – similar to Tyvek, but can be printed in full colour

Tyvek, vinyl and digital wristbands are tamper-evident and serve as a great way to identify visitors, guests, patients in a hospital and patrons for these wonderful bar tabs.

The different styles dictate how much you can customise;

  • Tyvek can only be a solid colour with one colour print
  • Vinyl can be printed in multiple colours
  • Silicon has by far the most options
    • Multicoloured band
    • Multiple colour print
    • Debossed or embossed print (with ink-filled)
    • Glow in the dark
    • Scented
  • Digital can be printed in picture quality

Custom wristbands are an effective and cost-effective way to identify and monitor people within an event or area.

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