Fargo Card Printers



Advancement in Technology

HID Global the manufacturers have a reputation for innovation and technology. Being one of the world’s truly large company’s and boasting tens of thousands of printers already in the market place. It is safe to say that Fargo Printers are backed by size and experience.

There is a Fargo printer for every application. Coming as both Direct to Card as well as Reverse Transfer Printers, they have you covered when it comes to every ID card printing need. Their product range also includes encoders enabling seamless communication between devices.

Mac Compatible ID Card Printing

I do not own a Fargo printer and you have been trying to print from a mac you would be familiar with the pain associated with that. That is because the majority of printers that are manufactured today are made to print from PC’s, not Macs.

The manufactures at HID Global, have approached this problem in a clever way. Rather than having to install a separate piece of software on your computer. The manufacturers have enabled the ID card printer, to talk to your web browser using a SwiftID, enabling you to print via the browser, making the ID card printer cross-platform compatible. Meaning you are able to print from either PC or Mac.

So if you are shopping for an ID card printer. Why not give us a call on 1800 33 00 99 and discuss your needs with us. We think you will be happy with the quality and value for money that these printers represent.

Call 1800 33 00 99 now for help in choosing what type of printer suits your application and budget.

Key Features that are standard on the Fargo ID Card Printer range are:

  • Perfect for Mac users

  • Ethernet connection standard

  • Single or Double sided printing options

  • Easy To Use

  • Single Card or Batch Printing Options

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