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We have a unique range of armband card holders for you to choose from.

Armband card holders are suitable for hazardous work environments where workers fulfil hands-on tasks or work with machinery. They replacing lanyards in workplaces where wearing loose clothing or hanging accessories are prohibited due to safety precautions.

The adjustable velcro band allows the wearer to fit it comfortably against their arm. They are light and will not restrict or way the arm down, allowing the wearer to carry out their everyday tasks as normal. 

We supply Hi-Vis reflective armband card holders for workers who work night jobs and in low lit environments, who require a uniform that meets WHS rules.

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Armband Card Holder – CHARM01

Armband Card Holder – CHARM01

Clear portrait armband card holder with a black velcro band, which makes it easy to adjust with one hand.

- Elastic velcro strap for easy use
- Light weight for long use
- Economical armband option
- Perfect for displaying security licence
- Insert Size: 60mm (w) x 95mm (h)
- Outer Size: 125mm (w) x 110mm (h)
- Comes in packs of 25
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