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We have a wide variety of Flexible vinyl cardholders for you to choose from. When it comes to rougher environments or a cardholder accidentally dropped, flexible cardholders have the upper hand over your hard rigid card holders. They are made of soft, flexible vinyl that won’t crack if rough-handled like hard plastic can. They are resistant to split and tear and protect your card from the elements.

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SKU: CHFV66106
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Self Locking Flexible ID Card Holder – CHFV66106

Self Locking Flexible ID Card Holder – CHFV66106

Clear self locking portrait flexible ID card holder, it's self locking due to the opening being at the top and it has a slot in the centre on both sides. - Self locking - Insert Size: 66mm (w) x 106mm (h) - Outer Size: 73mm (w) x 113mm (h) - Comes in packs of 100 This card holder is suitable for a strap clip attachment.