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We have a wide variety of rigid card holders for you to choose from. Our Rigid card holders are made from heavy-duty hard plastic that promises the protection of your card against scratching or damage from elements in rougher work environments. Some rigid card holders can be used in both portrait or landscape orientation. Some come with a locking mechanism, ensuring your cards never slip from their case.

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Clear Vinyl Vertical Card Holder – CHFV14

Clear Vinyl Vertical Card Holder – CHFV14

If you're looking for something slightly stronger than our CHFV11, this is the perfect card holder for you. This clear self-locking card holder sits in between flexible and rigid and is brilliantly designed. There is a 3 mm border (edge) around the insert pocket that is harder than the rest of the cardholders body. This feature acts as a barrier to protect your cards, and is strong and thick; therefore, the edges won't tear. - Self-locking property - protects cards from external elements and keeps cards securely locked in. - Can hold up to two 30 mil cards. - Made of clear strong vinyl with flexible properties  - thicker than your standard soft plastic card holder. - Heavy duty for longer wear.
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