Entrust Sigma DS2 Direct-to-Card Printer

The Next Generation of Direct-to-Card Printing is in The Cloud.

Entrust have released a NEW range of Direct-to-Card Printers,  Entrust Sigma ID Card Printers.


36 Month Warranty on the printer and the print head plus our Standard Card Printer Service Guarantee is free with every Card Printer sold, click here for more info.

Entrust Sigma DS2 Key Features and Benefits

  • Mobile Printer Dashboard; An intuitive printer dashboard that displays the printer status, order supplies, cleaning status, contact help, and firmware updates – all from your mobile device.
  • Seamless self-service; Access how-to videos and helpful resources by scanning the QR code on the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).
  • Customisable LED light; Incorporate your brand colour into your ambient environment with the Sigma DS2’s variable LED light ring with different colours to choose from.
  • Pre-loaded ribbon cassettes make changing ribbon easy.
  • The secure boot feature protects the system from malware and virus on boot-up.
  • Trusted Platform Module manages the printers own Transport Layout Security and Secure Sockets Layer certificates and keys.
  • Encrypted connection and data that is sent between software and the printer.
  • Protects your cards against tampering and counterfeiting through luster printing and other security features.
  • Issuance capabilities include physical cards and digital mobile flash pass.
  • Chose between on-premises and cloud-hosted deployment.
  • Expand your ID Program as your needs change by adding smart card capabilities, wi-fi connectivity, and more
  • Print anytime and anywhere with your mobile device (iOS, Android and Windows.)

The most user-friendly single-sided & double-sided direct-to-card printer in the industry.

Specifically designed for today’s cloud environments, Entrust Sigma DS2 ID Card Printer gives you the ability to issue secure identities easily.

Sigma DS2 is simple, starting from unboxing to issuing ID Cards and mobile flash passes to the management of the printer. “We made sure Sigma was the most user-friendly ID Card issuance solution in the world.” – Entrust

Industry-Leading Architecture and Forward-Thinking Technology.

The Sigma DS2 is packed with industry-leading issuance security architecture to protect your cards and data during each step of the issuance process. Entrust have built the Sigma DS2 with forward-thinking technology and scalability so you can expand your ID card program as your needs evolve.

Find technical specifications for the Sigma DS2 on the Sigma DS2 Direct-to-Card Printer datasheet.

Entrust Sigma DS2 Card Printer Products

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