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What is ID Card Printer Software?

Software is defined as “the programs and other operating information used by a computer.” So what is ID Card Printer Software? ID Card Printer software is an operating program that can be downloaded or installed to your computer to manage your ID Card Printer, create card designs and databases, as well as is used to program smart cards.

A good ID Card Printer Software has the following important components:

1. Layered design elements

2. A comprehensive tool set for secure card design;

  • Ghosting tool – A basic method of card security that involves a smaller version of the original card design, usually semi-translucent, printed onto the card during the printing process.
  • Watermark tool
  • Micro printing tool – Also known as Micro Text is a security process that involves printing very small text in a specific location on your plastic card surface. Micro text is generally pre-printed, prior to dye-sublimation printing, using a type of offset press, due to limitations of printing true micro text using thermal printers. It is difficult to reproduce micro-text. You can find micro text on higher end holographic security overlaminates.
  • UV printing tool – Also known as UV Inking is a security method of adding a unique security lettering or print to your plastic card that can only be seen under UV light. A widely used and accepted method by the Federal Government, State Driver’s License programs and many others in the financial world.

3. Easily integrates with your databases.

4. Allows for the issuing of cards from your existing systems.

5. Simple Production process that prevents key steps being missed, preventing mistakes with printing rules.

6. A detailed activity log that notes every action performed with the system – knows who produced what card for whom, when and where.

There are many different types of ID Card Printing Software, The next question to ask yourself is which ID Card Printer Software do you need? We have a select range of ID Card Printer Software. Browse our range today or if you need help selecting the right software for you, call us on 02 8841 7400 or email

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