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Direct to CardReverse Transfer
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1 or 22SingleSingle or Double
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300 dpi
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Card Holders

Card Holders Flexible

SKU: CHFD100150
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Oversized Double Pouch Flexible Card Holder – CHFD100150

Oversized Double Pouch Flexible Card Holder – CHFD100150

Clear oversized portrait double pouch flexible card holder with a slot in the centre and one hole either side of the slot.
This pouch has a front section with the max insert size and a back section with half the max insert height (starting from the top).

- Can display up to three inserts
- Large format portrait pocket
- Smaller format landscape card
- Larger Insert Size: 103mm (w) x 152mm (h)
- Smaller Insert Size: 103mm (w) x 70mm (h)
- Outer Size: 110mm (w) x 171mm (h)
- Comes in packs of 100

This card holder is suitable for most attachments. Paired with a double ended lanyard, this card holder won't rotate when worn.