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cardprinter input capacity
cardprinter output capacity
cardprinter print type
Direct to CardReverse Transfer
cardprinter printingsides
1 or 22SingleSingle or Double
cardprinter resolution
300 dpi600 dpi
lanyard length
lanyard width
reels cord type
Card Holders

Card Holders Flexible

SKU: CHFV66106
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Self Locking Flexible ID Card Holder

Self Locking Flexible ID Card Holder

Clear self locking portrait flexible ID card holder, it's self locking due to the opening being at the top and it has a slot in the centre on both sides. - Self locking - Insert Size: 66mm (w) x 106mm (h) - Outer Size: 73mm (w) x 113mm (h) - Comes in packs of 100 This card holder is suitable for a strap clip attachment.
SKU: CHFV66106
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