HID Gold Class Plus, Secured Mobile Access

ID Supplies is proud to provide the Gold Class Plus, Secured Mobile Access Solutions to our customers, integrators and resellers.

Gold Class Plus, Secured Mobile Access

Gold Class+ is an HID iCLASS SE format mobile access credential that is programmed with a unique randomly generated encrypted authentication key that is tracked to ensure no end-users have the same encrypted authentication key. The Gold Class Plus secured mobile access allows for a dynamic and secure way of issuing credentials to smartphones and NFC/Bluetooth enabled devices.

Gold Class+ use the iCLASS SE readers encrypted with the same unique encrypted authentication key, which ensures the highest level security handshake between credential (physical or mobile and the reader).

Gold Class+ leverage the highly secured iCLASS SE credentials, this means we are able to offer the choice 26, 33, 34, 37 or 38-bit format with a 16K or 32K memory with 2 or 16 segments to allow biometric or other read-write applications to store values.

Your current card technology, currently employed may be easily duplicated.

Imagine the building down the street used the same card technology, the same site code and the same number range. One of their employees could effectively enter your building with the same permissions as your employee with the same credentials. Scary right? (it can and has happened)

Gold Class+ ensure your credentials are unique to your organisation.

You wouldn’t buy a brand of padlock that has the same key for all their padlocks… would you? Why chance it with your organisation’s security?
Buy Gold Class Plus secured Mobile Access and know you’re secured.

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