Visitor Management

Visitor management is the collecting, recording and tracking of visitors to a building or site. The purpose of visitor management is to record the usage of the facilities by visitors and provide data of visitor’s whereabouts.

Many businesses are still registering visitors using a handwritten paper logbook – however, visitor management is evolving from this old fashioned and non-secure method to a more sophisticated and efficient, yet easy to use automated system.


EasyLobby projects professionalism, allowing for the faster and more private collection of visitor data. It provides a streamlined process to help you manage Contractors, Visitors and Employees (VIP’s, temporary) coming to your building or site. It will also send an automatically generated email notification when a visitor is on site.

Further to that, you can also ensure WH&S compliance by having visitors and contractors acknowledge evacuation and/or OH&S guidelines before gaining access to the premises.

EasyLobby requires no manual tasks allowing facilities to automate the complete process of registering a visitor, printing a badge and capturing detailed information within seconds by simply scanning any form of ID such as a driver’s license, business card or passport.

Reception and checking-in is usually the first point of contact that a visitor has upon entering the lobby area. EasyLobby ensures this first interactive meeting is professional and time efficient, providing a great first impression and playing an important role in upholding your organisation’s reputation.

EasyLobby provides real-time feedback, accurate timely reporting and a host of other features that a paper-based system simply can’t provide.

Choosing EasyLobby is choosing safety, security & professionalism for your organisation.

Key Features

  • Enhances the professionalism of the enrolment process and visitor check-in with a digital system.
  • Pre-registration or self-registration option – achieved via the eAdvance™ web-based application – enables authorized employees/tenants to easily pre-register visitors online before arrival reducing visitor check-in time and lobby congestion
  • Conducts fast analysis/reporting of visitor data via visitor management software.
  • Safeguard – watch lists can screen against and advise if a VIP has checked in, they can also screen against non-desirable persons gaining access.
  • Improves security – identifies who is in a facility quickly and accurately, especially in emergency situations.
  • The software is capable of quickly scaling to a network of hundreds of stations.

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Security Solutions

Security Solutions Visitor Management

SKU: HCX01-Contractor
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Contractor Backing Board

Contractor Backing Board

Green PVC contractor backing boards are 112mm x 87mm and 500mic/20mil/0.5mm thick with a slot punch. These contractor backing boards are for use with contractor adhesive labels or visitor adhesive cards to compliment a visitor/contractor management system.
SKU: HCX01-Contractor
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SKU: HCX01-Visitor
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Visitor Backing Board

Visitor Backing Board

Red PVC visitor backing boards are 112mm x 87mm and 500mic/20mil/0.5mm thick with a slot punch. These visitor backing boards are for use with visitor adhesive labels or visitor adhesive cards to compliment a visitor management system.
SKU: HCX01-Visitor
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