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Harness the power of bespoke PVC cards, meticulously preprinted with your distinct design, as a cost-effective solution for staff cards or any PVC card requirements.

Leveraging these customised cards presents a golden chance for your enterprise to showcase its innovative flair and distinctive brand identity.

Such tailored cards elevate your organisation’s stature, leaving an indelible mark on clients. Their aesthetic appeal not only enhances your brand’s image but, when utilised as Staff ID or Access cards, they bolster security measures. A uniquely designed ID and Access Card is inherently resistant to illicit duplications.

Initiate with a preprinted design on the PVC card. Subsequently, employ a card printer to inscribe variable data, like names or employee specifics, in sharp black, sidestepping the need for pricier colour ribbons.

Applications of Custom PVC Cards:

  • Membership affiliations
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Induction procedures
  • Uniform employee ID cards
  • Promotional endeavours
  • Visitor and contractor identifications
  • Gift card offerings
  • And any scenario necessitating static graphics on a PVC medium

Our PVC Card Varieties Include:

  • Standard vibrant print
  • Magnetic stripe options (HiCo or LoCo with encoding capabilities)
  • Signature segments
  • Tailored sizes and silhouettes
  • Lustrous metallic print
  • Sequential digitisation
  • Barcode integration
  • Access control provisions
  • Multi-faceted technology cards
  • RFID and NFC integrations
  • Varied thickness parameters
  • Scratch-resistant panels for secure codewords and passcodes

For a comprehensive understanding of Custom PVC Cards and guidance on ordering and printing, kindly reach out to our dedicated team at 02 8841 7400 or forward your queries to [email protected].

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