Retractable Reels, also known as Retractable Card/Key Holders, serve as a great way to carry staff identification securely and provides ease of use when carrying Access Cards and keys.

ID Supplies Heavy Duty Locking Chrome Retractable Reel RRE331Attach Retractable Reels to your belt, belt loop, pocket and other clothing to hold ID, badges and keys more discretely. If discretion isn’t a problem, you can attach them to Lanyards allowing you to securely carry and display ID while also providing ease of use. This small and handy tool will keep essential items securely attached to you, preventing them from getting lost or into the wrong hands.

Retractable Reels come in many sizes, materials, and colours. The type of Reel that best suits you relies solely on your work environment and what they will be carrying. For example; A warehouse worker, factory worker or site manager may need a Heavy-Duty Retractable Reel with a strong Steel cord and locking mechanism. This type of Reel can withstand a rougher environment due to its heavy-duty case. In addition, its Steel cord and locking mechanism allow it to hold more than a standard Retractable Reel, such as a few Access Cards, safety knife and heavy keys. On the other hand, a Mini Retractable Reel is more suited for a healthcare worker or office worker. They may only need to carry an ID badge and one or two keys or an Access Control Card.

ID Supplies have a range of Retractable Reels for you to choose from. If you need assistance finding a reel best suited to your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact and discuss with one of our friendly security and identification experts. You can call us today on 02 8841 7400.

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