Lanyards can hold your keys, ID Cards, Access Cards, and in some cases your mobile phones or a small drink bottle.

Lanyards do more than securely hold your items, they add an additional level of security via visual security. You can use colour or font printed onto the lanyards that read “VISITOR” or “SECURITY”. Lanyards can also double as a promotional tool for your brand by having them customised with your brand colours and logo.

We have a broad range of Lanyard types for you to chose from. The type of Lanyard you require depends on the desired outcome. For example, if your goal is to promote your brand, then you would need Custom Lanyards. If you’re implementing a visual security program into your school, and you want to be able to identify staff from students, then you may need printed “STAFF” Lanyards.

We have a broad range of Lanyards for you to chose from. If you need assistance deciding which Lanyard best suits your needs, you can contact one of our security and identification experts today by calling 02 8841 7400.

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