At ID Supplies, we provide a fast and cost-effective ID Card Printing service. This solution is perfect for businesses or events where it’s not economical to purchase an ID Card Printer.

Card Printing Services

  1. Personalised or Generic Direct to Card Printing
  2. Personalised or Generic High Definition Printing

(Please note that we can print on either our stock of cards or you can provide your own cards)

Card Printing Features & Add-ons

We can provide an array of Card features such as;

  • Adhesive Cards – Adhesive-back cards (AKA sticky-back cards) are used for technology cards that are too thick to run through an ID Card Printer. The card design is printed onto the adhesive-back card, and then it is affixed to the technology card (sort of like a really strong sticker).
  • Metallic Cards
  • Sequential Numbering – Sequential numbered cards are printed cards that have a unique number printed on them within a number range. Sequential numbered cards are usually used for membership cards.
  • Magnetic Stripe with Encoding
  • Signature Panel
  • Lamination
  • Hole or Slot Punch
  • Photo Scanning
  • CSN Recording
  • Smart Card Programming

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