Fargo DTC1500 Card Printer

Powerful printing and robust security at a fraction of the cost.

HID Global’s latest innovative card printer, the DTC1500 has increased security, lower cost but higher capacity consumables, it is extremely versatile and best of all it’s Earth friendly.

Built with the same HID’s quality, the DTC1500 delivers a high end card printer at a low cost option.

The DTC1500 has so many features packed in this desktop card printer, it’s hard to determine what is it’s best feature. However, we believe some stand outs are the ability to apply a custom watermark as standard, high capacity but low cost consumables and the resin scamble data protection.

3 Year Warranty on the printer and the print head plus our Standard Card Printer Service Guarantee is free with every Card Printer sold, click here for more info.

Don’t forget about Fargo’s one time no questions asked print head replacement for the life of the warranty

High capacity, lower cost:
With high-capacity ribbons both full colour and half-panel colour, the cost per print is significantly lower.

Earth friendly:

GreenCircle® Certified for efficient energy consumption and eco-friendly refill ribbons.

Built-in security:
The DTC1500 comes standard with easy-to-implement security features like the resin scramble data protection and the addition of the ability to apply a custom watermark.

Highly versatile:
The modular design of the DTC1500, enables customers to build on their investment by adding field-upgradeable modules for lamination and technology card encoding, along with the double-sided option built-in with a simple RFID activation to enable dual-sided printing.

Print where you want:
The DTC1500 can be easily integrated into existing IT networks with ethernet or WiFi to use for both centralised or remote card printing.

HID® FARGO® DTC1500 ID Card Printer Products

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