Fargo DTC4250e Card Printer

Flexible, Robust and Highly Secure ID Card Printing & Encoding.

Get more bang for your buck and more freedom for your flexibility with Fargo’s new DTC4250e direct to card printer.

How did your organisation manage without the DTC4250e direct to card printer?

When you purchase the Fargo DTC4250e, you get fast, flexible, reliable and professional quality colour ID cards, as well the option for secure card encoding and all this from one fantastic printer.

3 Year Warranty on the printer and the print head plus our Standard Card Printer Service Guarantee is free with every Card Printer sold, click here for more info.

Don’t forget about Fargo’s one time no questions asked print head replacement for the life of the warranty.

Fargo DTC4250e Key Features

  • Modular design and field upgradeable
    Password protection.
  • Rewrite capable.
  • SmartScreen graphical display.
  • Supply replacement – Easy cartridge loading.
  • USB, optional Ethernet and WiFi.
  • Optional Dual-side printing.
  • Optional 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, contact chip, and magnetic stripe encoding.
  • Optional same-side input/output hopper that holds 200 plastic cards.
  • Optional fluorescent printing for additional UV security.

NEW to the Fargo DTC4250e is WiFi connectivity!

No more horrible blue cables in plain sight or the printer being a limited distance from your computer, now select the Wifi option, and you can set the Fargo DTC4250e direct to card printer in a more convenient location.

Extreme versatility:
The modular design of the Fargo DTC4250e makes it powerful and scalable to allow growth and security changes.

Secured and flexible:
With optional iCLASS, SE® encoder can be fully integrated into your card printing, which allows you to create, encode and securely manage your access from start to finish.

Protection at its best:
The DTC4250e comes standard with printer password protection and with fluorescent printing to provide secured cost-effective card security, your cards will be safe and secure.

Easy, easy & too easy:
That is what you will be saying once you start using the DTC4250e direct to card printer. With its ribbon cartridge loading from the front and the SmartScreen™ display, you will find the DTC4250e is one of the easiest card printers you will ever use.

The Final Say:
The Fargo DTC4250e is built with Genuine HID® technology and is fully interoperable with other products in the HID ecosystem, enabling organisations to leverage their existing technology investments.

HID® FARGO® DTC4250e ID Card Printer Products

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