Entrust Sigma DS3 Double Sided Card Printer with ISO Mag Stripe Encoder, USB and Ethernet


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Entrust Sigma DS3 Single Sided Card Printer USB and Ethernet


Availability: Available on backorder

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Product Description

Specifically designed for today’s cloud environments, Entrust Sigma DS3 ID Card Printer gives you the ability to issue secure identities easily.

From student and government ID cards to corporate employee and visitor badges, the Sigma DS3 card printer keeps lines moving while helping to protect your assets and people. Packed with industry-leading issuance security architecture, the DS3 will protect your cards and data during each step of the issuance process. Entrust have built the Sigma DS3 with forward-thinking technology and scalability so you can expand your ID card program as your needs evolve.

The Sigma DS3 is simple, starting from the unboxing to issuing ID Cards and mobile flash passes to the management of the printer. “We made sure Sigma was the most user-friendly ID Card issuance solution in the world.” – Entrust

The DS3 comes with a 36 Month Warranty on the printer and the print head plus our Standard Card Printer Service Guarantee is free with every Card Printer sold. Click here for more info.




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