Custom Retractable Reels

ID Supplies Custom Retractable ReelsIf you’re not a fan of the look of lanyards, or maybe you require something more low-key, instead of flashing about your access card or badge on a lanyard, then Custom Retractable Reels are for you.

Retractable Reels serve as a great way to carry staff identification more discretely and provide ease of use for access cards and keys. Retractable Reels can be attached to your belt, belt loop and other clothing. This small and handy tool will keep essential items secure at your side, preventing them from getting lost or into the wrong hands.

ID Supplies Black Custom Retractable ReelTake that one step further with Custom Retractable Reels. Customise your Reel with your logo to match uniform standards and promote your brand. Don’t be content with off the shelf reels; you can customise your Reels with different colours and styles.

Printing options

Directly to the Reel

This method is great if your design only has 1-2 colours only. However, printing directly to the surface of the Reel is only possible for some styles. For more information about this method, please talk to a sales representative.

ID Supplies Custom Dome Retractable Reel

Epoxy Dome

This method is our most popular form of Reel customisation. The fantastic thing about Epoxy Domes is that you’re not limited with your design, as it allows for full-colour print.

Your design is printed onto a high-quality sheet of white vinyl, which is then covered with a layer of Epoxy liquid. The Epoxy liquid dries and hardens into a crystal-clear, smooth and glossy dome over the print, creating an Epoxy Dome Sticker, which is then stuck onto the face of the Reel. The thick and smooth layer of Epoxy acts as a protective layer, so you’ll never have to worry about your design scratching off or fading.

ID Supplies Custom Retractable Reel Nylon CordCord Options

  • Nylon
  • Steel
  • Chain
  • Plastic coated steel and more

Attachment options

  • Belt – Belt Clip
  • Lanyard – Carabiner Clip
  • Belt loop and other clothing – Caribiner Clip

Our range of Custom Retractable Reels applies across our entire range:

  • Mini Retractable Reels (Zingers)
  • Heavy-duty Retractable Reels (KEY-BAK

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