Custom Card Holders

Custom card holders are a product we feel is necessary for providing a complete solution for our customers to ensure they have the right card holder to suit their needs.

Custom card holders is a broad term for a card holder that is not an off the shelf product. This product can change according to your individual requirements.

We can utilise a custom card holder for you in many ways:

  • Non-standard size card holders
  • Branded with your corporate logo – standard and non-standard size card holders
  • Specific colour – customise to compliment your corporate colours
  • Thinner or thicker material – to suit your application
  • Tailored design – break free of the standard card holder
  • Alternative materials – change to an environmentally friendly or UV protection
  • Card holder capacity – when you just need to hold more cards

Our range of custom card holders applies across our entire range:

  • Flexible or soft plastic card holders
  • Rigid or hard plastic card holders
  • Magnetic card holders
  • Armband card holders
  • Lockable card holders

The possibilities are endless… why settle for generic when you can create genius?

Flexible Event Card Holder with tag holder - CHFH13
Black Fuel Card Holder with Swivel Key Ring - CHKR02K